Meriel Jones

Meriel is a beekeeper as part of her job as Education Officer in Bute Park, Cardiff.  She has been a beekeeper for a few years and has 4 hives at the moment.

Nick Mensikov

Vice-Chair & Apiary Manager

Nick has been Vice-Chair since January 2018.  Since he was a child trying to catch any bees (bumble included) to create a hive not having a clue what I was doing to currently having around 27 hives and still not sure, what I am doing.  Nick has kept honeybees for 8 years and really enjoys the ups and downs of beekeeping, from caring for the bees to making bee related goods (candles, mead etc).  Nick believes everyone can learn from each other in all aspects of the beekeeping craft.

Nick is the apiary manager for the Association apiary at Forest Farm.

Barbara Williams

Apiary Manager

Barbara has been keeping bees for over 40 years and was the beekeeper at the Museum of Welsh Life (now National History Museum of Wales, St Fagans), for 30 years.

Barbara has been an association member for over 40 years, holding various committee positions, including chair and secretary. Barbara is presently the association Apiary Manager for Fonmon Castle.

Harold Williams

Apiary Manager

Harold came to work for Fon-Mon castle from the north of England in 1976. Honeybees had always been of interest but never had the facilities to keep them until moving.

Harold took over the apiary at Fon-Mon in the early 80s. Joined Cardiff Beekeepers and attended a night school course run by Ernie Plumb. Harold is now the association Apiary Manager at Fonmon Castle.

Louise Roberts

Membership Secretary / Newsletter Editor

Louise is a member of staff at a primary school in Ely, Cardiff. She has been a bee keeper since May 2017 and currently looks after 2 hives close to her home.   Louise is interested in the educating of children as beekeepers of the future.

Lynette El-Khatib

Events Coordinator

Lynette has been a beekeeper for eight years, and runs four hives in Llandough near Penarth.

 She joined the committee in 2017, and has been an active member of the training team. Lynette has become an appentice to Harold and Barbara, and assisting in the delivery of the begineers training course in Fonmon.

Lynette has also represented the association at pollinator events hosted by Cardiff University.

Paul Yates

Committee member

I have been keeping bees since 2012.  In that time the world of bees has taken me down paths that I never knew existed.

I have been enthralled by the lectures given at our association meetings.  The PHD students that come and explain their research projects are inspirational & enthralling.  I will do my best to support as many of these projects as I can, giving the students access to my hives and honey products. 

I enjoy showing my honey and wax products at the various local shows.  These shows are always an opportunity to engage with the public and answer any questions that they may have about beekeeping.


Rosemary Samuel

Committee member

Rosemary has been keeping bees since 2011 when she completed the training course held at Duffryn.  She has two hives at the moment, having come down from four, which she keeps in a field nearby.  She finds people are always interested to hear you keep bees, and enjoys discussing bees with them,  encouraging them to think seriously of taking up beekeeping themselves. 


Emma Davies

WBKA Liaison and Schools Officer

Emma is part of the outdoor learning team at Llanishen Fach Primary School where she has been keeping bees for the last 4 years. Along with pupils she looks after two hives and runs the school beekeeping club.  She is also Schools Officer for the WBKA helping to encourage young people into beekeeping.  The contact for that post is

Beverley Price

Committee Member

  Bev took the beginners course in 2015, and in 2016 started with 1 hive. In 2017 she had 2 hives; in 2018 she had 3 hives ….. you get the idea. She says she will stop soon. The bees have survived despite her inexperience.
She is based in east Cardiff near fields and the River Rhymney. She enjoys the constant challenge of trying to work out what the bees are up to and how she can help.

Peter Shaw

Peter has been a long-standing member of the association, and previously held position as a Regional Bee Inspector. Peter runs a successful beekeeping business suppling beekeeping equipment.